USA and China Still Dominate Billionaire Ranks – and Growing!

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We’ve heard a lot about the rich getting richer in recent years.  Well, Huron Global just came out with their annual Rich List and confirmed it again for us.

They now count 2257 billionaires in the world, which is up 3% from last year, and the wealth of this group is up 16% from the prior year.  According to their report, China leads with 609 billionaires (up 41) versus the USA with 552 (an increase of 17).  Germany and India round out the top four.

Here are a few of the other key findings of the report from their website:

  • 2257 billionaires in the world, up 69 on the last year.  This was up 55% or 804 over the last 5 years.
  • 1037 saw their wealth increase and 740 saw their wealth decrease over the last year.
  • Bill Gates still holds the top spot with $81B, ahead of Warren Buffet at $78B.  Although Jeff Bezos of Amazon is catching up fast.
  • The top source of their wealth was technology, followed by manufacturing, investments and real estate.
  • However, the fastest growing sectors were logistics and retail.
  • Women make up 15% of the list.  Of the 152 self-made female billionaires, China led the way with 79.5% of the group.
  • Overall, approximately two thirds of the billionaires are self made with one third having inherited their fortunes.
  • Chinese astrology:  Billionaires born in the year of the snake pulled away from second placed horses.  Monkeys had the best year shooting up 3 places to third.  Pigs and roosters propped up the bottom.

How much of a driver has this been to high end real estate values?  And how likely is the trend to continue?  Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and opinions!

Click here to read or download Huron’s complete report of their interesting findings.

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