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You cannot go wrong working with Sunyoung McDermott.

Sunyoung McDermott is highly professional and knows the markets in Glendale, where I am selling, and the San Gabriel Valley, where I am buying, very well. Sunyoung is fluent in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese and people who speak those languages are a big part of the buying pool where I am selling. She is expert in working with sellers and buyers. Buying or selling a home is filled with pressures and uncertainty. In my experience, Sunyoung is patient and understanding and always brings a sense of calm and peace. She is detail oriented and caught my little errors right away that could have led to big problems in the future. You cannot go wrong working with Sunyoung McDermott.

, La Crescenta

Sunyoung is as good a real estate agent as it's possible to be.

Sunyoung is as good a real estate agent as it’s possible to be. She’s hard-working, professional, honest, and kind. My house was a difficult cell. I listed with a Sunyoung after a failed attempt by another agent. And sold it with multiple offers in two days. She’ll do whatever it takes to close the deal and I will be forever grateful to her.

, Pasadena, CA

I have no doubt that you can completely trust her in your quest for a new home and/or nice investment.

I have known Sunyoung since 2012, initially as a real estate agent we found online and later as a close friend. Sunyoung has always been professional, communicative, and thoughtful in the business. She helped our family purchase a wonderful condo at the Whispering Waters in Pasadena, in which I lived for several years, satisfied with everything. Even after I moved on from Los Angeles, she is extremely helpful in finding good tenants and dealing with other real-estate related issues for me. I have no doubt that you can completely trust her in your quest for a new home and/or nice investment.

, Ithaca, NY

Sunyoung has ton of Chinese connections. I will definitely use her service again.

Sunyoung has ton of Chinese connections. She speaks fluent Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English. I choose her to sell my house in San Gabriel, because she can communicate with me in Chinese and most Asian buyers in SG Valley. It was a very smooth transaction with a cash buyer. She make things so much easier with her language skills, professional knowledge / experience and kind personality. If I need to buyer or sell another house, I will definitely use her service again.

, San Gabriel, CA

I'm very satisfied and highly recommend her service.

Sunyoung is a very knowledgeable and professional realtor. She helped me purchase my first condo, when I had zero experience in this issue. She was very nice and polite, yet she argued for my benefit zealously as buyer’s agent. I’m very satisfied and highly recommend her service.

, Los Angeles, CA

Sunyoung is a tremendous realtor!

Sunyoung is a tremendous realtor! She is professional and personal. Very knowledgeable in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. I highly recommend her service !

, Eastvale, CA

Sunyoung is like a family to her clients. She is sincere and honest at all times, I look forward to work with her again in the future.

I don’t normally write reviews but Sunyoung definitely deserves my time since I have had three real estate transactions with her already. I had another agent when I met Sunyoung, her warmth made me feel like a sister I never had. Long time after knowing her, I decided to seek RE services with her. She is very professional and very helpful, she helped me bought my house at a lower-than- market price and sold my condo at a very good price. Also, she helped me leased out my other property with very good terms and nice tenant. Regardless what kind of service I asked of her, she can always handle it nicely and smoothly. She puts your benefits first and she is willing to go all out for you. I will certainly consult her again for my future real estate needs and I have already referred her to a dozen of my other friends. All of my friends absolute also love her. She is nothing like other agent where money is the only goal. As other reviewer said, Sunyoung is like a family to her clients. She is sincere and honest at all times, I look forward to work with her again in the future.

, Arcadia, CA

You will thank yourself for choosing her as your realtor agent!

Sunyoung is like friends and families as she would help you like friends and families who care about you even you are the first time to meet her. With many many years of experience, she is professional and well knowledgeable in this industry, well understanding what are your needs, how to meet those needs, what you need to know when purchasing your dream house/condo and even what you don’t need to know. Also, Sunyoung is very considerate and patient, taking care of you for the whole process and leveraging her expertise and kindness to assist you all the way until you move into your perfect fit. Five Stars realtor for sure!! You will thank yourself for choosing her as your realtor agent!

, Los Angeles, CA

A professional and hard working realtor

I listed my house with Sunyoung after the previous agent could not sell it for 6 months. Sunyoung brought in a professional designer and a staging company. After her recommended painting and staging, the house looked wonderful. She also used a professional photographer who took nice photos and a video. The house went though a dramatic transformation with little cost. Sunyoung held open houses for a couple of months until the house was sold. She really worked hard and always put my interest first. I deeply respect her professional work attitude. She is a wholesome and trustworthy realtor that I will always remember.

, Arcadia

An expert of San Marino / Arcadia

I am buying my first home in the US from Shanghai, China and I need a realtor who I can really trust. Every time we went to see houses in San Marino/Arcadia, Sunyoung always provides me with the area real estate market trends, neighborhood information and the local school information. This information was very valuable when we negotiate the price and other terms. Her professional knowledge and hard-working attitude is her best characteristic. Although I have not bought my house yet, I will soon and she will definitely be my realtor when I buy it.


, Shanghai

A realtor with a caring heart

When I helped my parents to purchase the house in Pasadena, Sunyoung was my realtor. The house was perfect for my parents. However, there was another buyer who made a very competitive offer on the house at the same time. My parents and I were very stressed out and couldn’t sleep. Sunyoung went to meet the seller in person and persuaded the seller to accept our offer. She has a very caring heart and I can’t thank her enough. Now, she is my life-long friend and I feel very lucky to have her as my realtor.

, Pasadena