The Most Expensive House for Sale in America

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There is a new trend in very high end L.A. real estate, and it’s good news for billionaires!

A recent New York Times article discussed the fact that there has been significant growth in recent years of the world’s billionaire population, but that the extreme high end of the real estate market hasn’t kept up.  The article interviewed two developers to the rich and famous, Bruce Makowsky and Nile Niami.  They both endeavor to change that fact.

Makowsky currently is offering the most expensive house for sale in America.  Offered at the bargain price of $250mm, Makowsky’s Bel Air masterpiece boasts 38k square feet of opulence.  If the 85 foot infinity pool overlooking L.A. with it’s 20 foot television screen didn’t win you over, the four lane bowling alley and forty seat movie theater for entertaining might do it.  The house comes along with it’s own $30mm rare auto collection and a seven person staff is included for two years.

But is this the limit?  Not for long!

Niami is in middle of constructing a mansion that will come well over the top of Makowsky’s.  Niami’s project, nicknamed “The One”, is expected to be completed and offered for sale mid 2018.  With a whopping 105k square feet of living space, it will have four swimming pools and a not so modest price tag expected to be $500mm.

Stay tuned for “The One”, but in the meantime, along with the NYT article, you can view the actual listing for the Makowsky mansion on my website by clicking here.  There you will find a full description, photographs and a link to launch a virtual tour.

Qualified buyers interested in learning more may contact me here.

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